Evaluation Survey Results – December 2014

A survey was given out on the Amendment Vote Day on December 6, 2014.  A total of 168 surveys were filled out.  Questions concerning communications, governance, and knowledge and understanding of Trust Agreement were asked of beneficiaries.

The trust scored highest in the communications area with 60% of respondents agreeing or strongly agreeing with communication methods of the CFT with the newsletter scoring the highest results having 74% of respondents agreeing/strongly agreeing it contained the information they want to know about in terms of trust activities.

The area scoring the lowest was knowledge and understanding of the Trust Agreement with 48.5%  either neutral/disagree/strongly disagreeing that they felt confident about their knowledge of the Trust agreement.  However, 66% felt the trust was making an effort to educate beneficiaries about the agreement.  The trustees will have to explore different ways of explaining the agreement to better help beneficiaries understand it.

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CFT Evaluation Survey Results