Christmas Gesture 2017

IT’S OFFICIAL – we are now open for business

APPLY HERE Christmas Gesture 2017


Early bird – Oct 31/17

Final deadline – Nov 17/17


Congrats to the winners of the early bird draw as listed below in order from 1st – 7th place.  The draw was conducted at a special meeting of the Trustees on November 24, 2016 at 6pm.  The process was anonymous as applicants were identified by a numbered list and numbers were drawn to choose winners.  Trustees present were; Austin Henry, Shane Fisher, Megan Huff, Michelle French and Clinton Albert.

  1. Theresa Vickers – $300
  2. Elizabeth Grosbeck – $200
  3. Kelly Wacuash – $150
  4. Shirley Burch – $100
  5. Wendy Krajcer – $100
  6. Victoria Sturgeon – $100
  7. Sherry Doxtator – $100


The Goodwill Gesture began as a Land Claim Trust initiative. In 2006, the Clench Fraud Trust joined the Xmas Household Giveaway initiative and shared the costs with the Land Claim Trust.  Since 2007, the Clench Fraud Trust has taken on the giveaway as the sole funder.  Giveaways are a traditional means used by the Anishinaabek to share resources amongst nation members.  This is an opportunity for the Clench Fraud Trust to continue these traditions as per section 6.7 h.


Application Deadline is always the third Friday in November of each year.

Next year’s deadline is:

Friday, November 17, 2017

Please do not wait till the last few days to submit your application.