Housing Repair Program 2019 now OPEN

Deadline May 24, 2019, click link below for application.

Housing Repair Program 2019


Housing Repair Program 2018 WINNERS



Project Name Project Name
1 Daniel George Albert 1 Thomas Albert
2 Katherine Deleary 2 Brian Earhart
3 Douglas Grosbeck 3 Maurice French
4 Jonas Hadden 4 Angela Gamba
5 Evelyn Hendrick 5 Patricia Genzer
6 Eric Henry 6 Angela M. Harris
7 Felicia Huff 7 Megan Huff
8 Jana Kechego 8 Marilyn McCallum
9 Wanda Stacey 9 Terry Wegg
10 Jennifer Sturgeon 10 Donald Blake Young

Historical Background

This is the CFT’s second round of the Housing Renovation Program.

On March 1,2012 the Clench Fraud Trust awarded 30 projects to community members from both the On reserve and Off reserve. In total there were 39 on reserve projects applied for, the amount applied for in the projects was $143,500.00. The off reserve numbers were 27 project applications, the amount applied for was $130,000.00. We were able to assist 15 on reserve and 15 for the off reserve projects we were able to assist the membership with $105,000.00 worth of Housing renovations. The number of applications and amounts requested shows a definite need for membership needing assistance in keeping and renovating their homes. Suzanne Albert -Ninham said “The way the Trustees have put this program together was the fairest way possible and the community members all felt that they all had a good chance at getting a hand up.” The receiving members were ecstatic to hear they were chosen in the draw and thanked the Clench Fraud Trust Trustees for creating such a wonderful program.