Clench Fraud Trust’s Strategic Plan 2013-2016


Focusing resources for nation advancement…

Benevolent        Focus Area #1     Youth and Education Strategy

Goal: increase student achievement and well-being academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually drawing on Anishinaabe cultural traditions and our proud COTTFN nation identity as treaty people.

Housing             Focus Area #2     Existing Substandard Housing Strategy

Goal: increase the quality of member homes

Initiative 1 -CFT Housing Renovation Program

Economic Development      Focus Area #3     New and Existing Entrepreneurship

 Investments      Focus Area #4     Investment Strategy

Goal:  Make Optimal Use of Resources to ensure long-term Growth of Capital while planning for Optimal Resource support to Community

Improving how we do business…

Governance  Focus Area#5    Implementing Effective Trust Management Practices

Goal#1 Improve and develop policies and procedures

Goal #2 Improve Proposal Process

Activities 1.  Revise the application process to include a separate individual application form

Goal #3 Develop Trustee and Community Capacity to Run a Trust

Focus Area #6     Outreach and Communications

Goal #1 Develop a protocol with other stakeholders to work together – with the Nation, with external Stakeholders/partners

Goal#2 Develop a Communication Strategy

Focus Area #7      Improving Physical Space

Goal #1 New Facilities for the Trust to create Inviting and Informative Spaces


7 Focus areas have been identified as areas to target CFT resources over the next three years

7 Focus areas have been identified as areas to target CFT resources over the next three years

In 2011, Chippewas of the Thames First Nation began a comprehensive community planning process that began with the Community Story.  Since then a Community Comprehensive Plan Final Draft (CCP) has been released that speaks to 8 areas of development outlining strategies and goals for each.  The Clench Fraud Trust recognizes the importance of supporting the CCP as many of the goals align with the specific purposes identified in the CFT Agreement.