Clench Fraud Minor Members Trust:

In accordance to section 6.11 of  the trust agreement, this will confirm that monies, for the minor’s who have  not yet received their distribution payment are being kept in a separate fund  and is prudently and conservatively invested.  The trustees would like to ensure all parents  that your child’s money is set aside and will be available when they qualify to  receive their funds.

The $1,500 plus accumulated  interest shall be paid to that member:

  1. If he/she has graduated  from high school, on his 18th birthday;
  2. If he/she has not graduated  from high school, on his 21st birthday; and
  3. If he/she graduates from high school after his  18th birthday but before his 21st birthday,  on the day of his graduation from high school.

Once eligible to receive your  “minor” distribution payment you need to:

  1. Complete the Minors   Trust Distribution payment request form;
  2. Complete the Minor   Distribution payment direction form;
  3. Verification of Date of Membership of COTTFN member form;
  4. Provide a copy of the   front and back of your status card;
  5. Provide an ORIGINAL highschool diploma (if applicable);

You  can mail or drop if off at the Clench Fraud Trust office (641  Jubilee Rd)
Once  all the required information is received, the Clench Fraud Trust General  Manager will verify the information provided and will be in contact with  you should there be information missing.  If not, a payment authorization  will be prepared, signed off and sent to the trust custodian – TD Waterhouse  Group. A cheque will be issued from TD Waterhouse’s head office in Toronto, or a direct  deposit will be made within 3 business days.

Payments by cheque:

If you request a cheque to be  issued, the cheque will be mailed directly to the address indicated.  If not, the cheque will be mailed directly to  the Clench Fraud Trust office. Once received at the Clench Fraud Trust office,  you will be contacted by phone and you must advise  us on whether or not you want us to mail to you or if you will pick it up in  person. This could take up to 6 weeks.

Payments by direct deposit:

If you request a direct deposit,  the distribution payment will be deposited  directly into your account. You must indicate on your initial request that you  would like it to be deposited directly into  your account and you must submit your correct banking information.  Please note that we cannot deposit into  anyone else’s account other than your own.