Benevolent Call for Proposals 2019 CLOSED

At a meeting of Trustees on June 13, Trustees chose the recipients for Benevolent funding based on scores and prioritizing children, elders and those with disabilities (Trust Agreement Section 8 – Use of Trust Property).  In order to better support more members, Trustees agreed in consensus to award partial funding to some projects that could access additional funding elsewhere.  Trustees wish to thank those who took the time to apply and give a big Congrats to the recipients for 2019!

Benevolent Recipients for 2019

 2019 Benevolent Individual Results
Project Name Contact
1 Tutoring Chelsey Albert
2 London Endodontics Chelsey Albert
3 General Health and Wellness Lisa A. Albert
4 Cheer for a healthy mind and body Carleigh Barnett
5 Narch West Finals Onyx Doxtator
6 Healing with Horses Andria Dyer
7 Serenity’s Well-being Serenity Hendrick
8 Building a Healthy Lifestyle ChiNodin McGahey-Albert
9 Matthew’s AAA Hockey Venture & Development Murray A. Kechego
10 Stair Lift for My Home Franklin Blackwell
11 Kimberly’s Smile Kim Fisher
12 Yoga for Mental Balance Terri N. Fisher
13 Michelle’s Healing Journey Michelle French
14 C. Randall French’s Dental Dilemma Cleve Randall French
15 Crosslinking Surgery Megan Huff
16 Life Sustaining Equipment Robert L. Simon
 2019 Benevolent Community Results
Project Name Contact
1 Anishinaabek Food Rights Program Jana Kechego
2 COTTFN  Communtiy Garden Jana Kechego
3 6th Annual Harvest Feast Jana Kechego
4 Cafeteria Table Replacement Crystal Kechego
5 New  AED Chippewa Fire Dept. Gene Hendrick
6 Emergency First Responders Chippewa Fire Dept. Gene Hendrick
7 COTTFN Student Awards Debbie Dolson-Young
8  Chippewa Seniors Group Evelyn Hendrick
9 Youth  Wellness Ceremony Andre Halfday
10 Nimkii Binesi Zaswan Betsylee Kechego
11 Sundance Deshkan Ziibiing Dennis Whiteye


Click links below for applications and details.

2019 Benevolent Funding Handbook

2019 Benevolent Funding Application Individual

2019 Benevolent Funding Application Group

Individual Scoring 2019

Group Scoring 2019


Benevolent Winners for 2018

 2018 Benevolent Individual Results

Project Name Contact
1 Major Midget AAA Hockey Development Richie Albert
2 Dental Work Wesley Cunningham
3 Mt. Brydges Cougars Hockey Zack Deleary
4 AAV International Inline Hockey Tournament Skylar Doxtator
5 Orthodontic Diamond French
6 2018 Springfield Baseball Season Patricia Henry-Huff
7 Contessa’s Wellbeing Contessa Martinez
8 Crowns for Keithera Keithera P. Riley
9 Schooling Fine Leather Mitchell A. Riley
10 Recording Session 3 Hector Sturgeon
11 Health & Wellness Robin Tobias (Cushman)
12 Team Ontario Bantam Girls Sidney Deleary
13 Smiles A lot Joseph Riley
14 Respect is Power Album Jason Smith

2018 Benevolent Community Results

Project Name Contact
1 Sundance Deshkan Ziibiing Betsy Lee Kechego
2 The Chippewa Veterans’ Committee Cheryl Riley
3 2018 6th Annual Harvest Feast Chippewas Ontario Works
4 Annual Children’s Christmas Party Tammy Deleary
5 Youth and Recreation Equipment Upgrades Tammy Deleary
6 Honouring our Residential School Survivors Tammy Deleary
7 COTTFN Gaming Committee Kodi Chrisjohn
8 CFD – Thermal Imaging Camera Package R. Shane Fisher
9 Anishnaabek Food Rights (AFR) Jana Kechego
10 Community Garden Project Jana Kechego
11 K’do Biskaabwidoona Nwewin Endaaying Karen May