The trust property will be expended for three main purposes as set out in the trust agreement:

Benevolent purposes

6.7 The trustees may in their absolute discretion use an amount of the trust property for the following purposes:

  • To promote the education of individual members, by providing scholarships, bursaries, prizes, grants and loans for members at all educational levels (but not for tuition in private, primary or secondary schools);
  • To promote the health of individual members by providing direct assistance to members to cover health needs not covered by governments or health plans;
  • To promote the health of members in general by providing health plans, health insurance or other coverage, and health programs, including programs of prevention, nutrition, disease control, and traditional medicine.
  • To promote the purchasing of equipment for health facilities that serve the members;
  • To provide funding for Chippewa athletes, either as individuals or as teams, for training, travel, equipment and competition;
  • To purchase recreational equipment for community purposes, and to maintain or repair such equipment;
  • To fund the construction and maintenance of recreational and cultural facilities used by Chippewas;
  • To fund programs that support or enhance Chippewa culture, language, history, tradition, music, dance or arts;
  • To fund research into Chippewa history, and to assist the publication of Chippewa historical, cultural or language materials;
  • To secure the return of Chippewa cultural artifacts, historic documents, and human remains and associated funerary objects from museums and other institutions;
  • To fund the research, development, negotiation or litigation of Chippewa rights and claims;
  • To pay legal fees and other expenses owing in connection with the negotiation and settlement of the claim;
  • To provide assistance and relief to members in the event of natural or other disasters, including fire, flooding, high winds or drought;
  • To supplement the Zhoonya Naadmoc-gitzijig fund for elderly members; and
  • To pay for basic grave memorials for members.

Economic development

6.8 The trustees may in their absolute discretion use amounts of the trust property for the following purposes:

  • To provide funding for a loan program for economic ventures by members;
  • To establish or promote a business or commercial operation, including a credit union, bank or trust company, owned by the Chippewas or a Chippewa Corporation;
  • To assist members in establishing businesses, by providing loans or grants;
  • To create and fund a Chippewa development corporation, that will have as its objective the creation and promotion of successful businesses owned by Chippewas or by members; and
  • To provide bridge or interim financing for the council at commercial interest rates that would otherwise be payable to a bank, but not to make payments to cover any deficits incurred by the council.


6.9 The trustees may in their absolute discretion expend trust property for the following purposes:

  • To assist members in buying or building homes;
  • To assist members in repairing or renovating their homes or making them more accessible for the disabled or elderly;
  • To develop, either as a developer or as a partner, housing developments for members;
  • To assist in the establishment of co-operatives and other forms of housing for members;
  • To purchase and hold land where that is an element of a housing development for members;
  • To create a Chippewa Housing Corporation for any or all of the purposes of this subparagraph, and to provide funding to that corporation; and
  • To work with Chippewa housing authority to assist in dealing with housing needs of members.