Ridgewood Capital Asset Management (formerly Mulvihill Wealth Management) manages the Trust funds.

Mulvihill was selected to manage the Trust Funds after an extensive search in 2007 when four investment managers were interviewed. The selected management company was Toronto based and employee owned, and also managed the funds of 10 First Nations across Canada. The first funds were transferred to the company on June 25, 2007. Sales of existing securities in the fund took place through early July 2007.
The funds for the Main Trust were invested in two stages (tranches). The first tranche was purchased on August 13, 2007. The second tranche was purchased on September 13.

2008: Mulvihill was purchased by some of its employees and the name was changed to Ridgewood Capital Asset Management. There was no change in the investment or marketing staff as everyone who worked on the Clench Trust account at Mulvhill will be joining Ridgewood.

The Clench Fraud Trust receives quarterly reports and they are available to view in our Office for all Community Members to view. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Clench Fraud Trust office at (519) 264-2626.